Buying a Home


Six Steps to Home Ownership

Step 1: Find a Realtor® You Can Trust

The Real Estate Professional you select should be knowledgeable about the marketplace, respectful of your desires and a successful negotiator. We hope you’ll work with us. Please call to schedule an appointment to see if our services and style fit your needs.

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There are two kinds of agents you might run into: the first is the functionary - this is the agent that will take all the actions that will help you buy your next home. The functionary makes sure all the t's get crossed and i's get dotted but they don't do much else. You'll find yourself chasing down the functionary to make sure things are moving along. They're not very proactive.

The agent you want to hire is a fiduciary agent. Fiduciary is defined as: involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary. A fiduciary has your best interest at heart, they work to help you achieve your goal, help protect your interests and protect you from legal pitfalls and dangers. A fiduciary agent understand the legal issues involved in a home sale and makes sure you're protected.

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That's us. We work for you to ensure your success in your real estate transaction.

Step 2 - Get Prequalified  

One more thing - - -
With recent changes in our industry, most buyer's agents now require a "Buyer Exclusive Employment Agreement" or a buyer broker agreement.

We work hard for our clients and expect our clients to give us the same consideration. At our initial consultation we will explain everything about the form and working with us so that you are comfortable and excited to hire us. Our business is built on referrals so your satisfaction is very important to us.